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Assault on Merit: The Untold Story of Civil-Military Relations

by R. K. Anand, Inderjit Badhwar (Edited By), Kunal Verma (Contributed By)
In this fast-paced and highly relevant book, veteran lawyer R.K. Anand details case studies of Indian Generals decorated soldiers and men of exceptional conscience and integrity who fell prey to the whims and fancies of manipulative civilian bureaucrats intent on perverting the promotions system in order to favour a buddy or please a political master.
Stung by these injustices, and with no other recourse, these General Officers turned to the civilian courts for redressal, and to Anand to represent them. He did so, showing remarkable zeal and dexterity in taking on the Government on behalf of these officers, most of whom had no money to spare for protracted legal battles. In most cases, Anand represented them without charging a legal fee. And in this process many of them found succor and relief though some of them after retirement despite the bureaucracy's brazen attempts at misleading the various benches th…

Time To Start Thinking: America And The Spectre of Decline

Time To Start Thinking: America And The Spectre of Decline  (Hardcover)
by Edward Luce
"Gentlemen, we have run out of money. It is time to start thinking."-Sir Ernest Rutherford, winner of the Nobel Prize in Nuclear Physics.
Time to Start Thinking is a book destined to spark debate among liberals and conservatives alike. Drawing on his decades of exceptional journalism and his connections within Washington and around the world, Luce advances a carefully constructed and controversial argument, backed up by interviews with many of the key players in politics and business, that America is losing its pragmatism - and that the consequences of this may soon leave the country high and dry.
Luce turns his attention to a number of different key issues that are set to affect America's position in the world order: the changing structure of the US economy, the continued polarization of American politics; the debilitating effect of the "permanent election campaign"; the challen…

Guide to good schools of India

Sandeep Dutt’s compilation, Guide to Good Schools of India,  now in its seventh edition, is a useful handbook.  It is useful, of course, to parents, at whom it is primarily directed.  Education—and when I say education in this context, I mean private education—is booming in India.  Drive through any small to big town or city in India, and you will see evidence of the boom.  From paper leaflets to huge billboards, the advertising of new schools is relentless.  Some people are offended by this.  I must admit to a degree of discomfort at the way that we are assailed by the arrival of a new school.  Yet, what is undeniable and heartening is that this is evidence of the boom in education—and in the long run that can only be good.  More schools mean more opportunities and choices for India’s children and parents.

How, though, should parents choose amongst the array of schools available?  Should they opt for an old, established school?  Should they instead try out a new, innovative school?  I…

Book of the week

Empire of the Moghul: The Tainted Throne (Hardcover)
by Alex Rutherford
The brutal battle for power continues in the fourth book in the epic Empire of the Moghul series. Agra, India, 1606. Jahangir, the triumphant Moghul Emperor and ruler of most of the Indian subcontinent, is doomed. No amount of wealth and ruthlessness can protect him from his sons' desire for power. The glorious Moghul throne is worth any amount of bloodshed and betrayal; once Jahangir raised troops against his own father; now he faces a bloody battle with Khurram, the ablest of his warring sons. Worse is to come. Just as the heirs of Timur the Great share intelligence, physical strength and utter ruthlessness, they also have a great weakness for wine and opium. Once Jahangir is tempted, his talented wife, Mehrunissa, is only too willing to take up the reins of empire. And with Khurram and his half-brothers each still determined to be their father's heir, the savage battle for the Moghul throne will be more f…

Good Schools of India

Press acclaim for the book Guide to Good Schools of India,  published by EBD
‘All that you ever wanted to know about boarding schools in India.’ -The Telegraph,Calcutta ‘Worth reading even for the general reader.’  -The Times of India, New Delhi ‘A very, very good book.’ -Mid Day, Mumbai ‘A very useful book ...’  -The Tribune, Chandigarh ‘A detailed and comprehensive description of over hundred residential schools.’  -The Hindu, Chennai ‘The book, a first in India, is a commendable effort which will help parents weigh carefully all the available options for their children.’  -Business India ‘A useful effort’  - Cyber News, Business India ‘Finally we have a good book on the residential schools in India.’  - Schools ‘Where they are? What they cost you? Descriptions of the best residential schools in India.’  -India Today ‘A book which can greatly assist parents make a judicious choice of an institution for their children.’  -United News India ‘The book acts as a very helpful guide for parents and guardians w…

Book Cafe is now The English Book Depot

Book Café is now part of  The English Book Depot (EBD) Dehradun. EBD and Book Cafe are happy to serve the customers with the same old belief 'we care for you'. Book Cafe was originally promoted by The English Book Depot in 2003, and grew to a chain of 48 bookstores in 2009, owned and operated by EBD Book Cafe Pvt Ltd. The promoters of the company then decided to wind up and the Book Cafe customers were indeed the ones who faced the maximum challenges. Our heart and more so spirit is with the book lovers and we do regret the inconvenience so caused. To help us reach our fantastic customers The English Book Depot stores now in Dehra Dun and Ludhiana will serve you please. Welcome to call us on +911352655192 for support and service. Yes we will soon be offering an online store from