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Tahasa Falconar - Realization Enlightenment and Life of Rapture

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Tahasa Falconar the great author of THE CREATIVE INFINITY MIND

Published his earlier work
Realization Enlightenment and Life of Rapture
with The English Book Depot.

The Greatest Minds

There are two parts- the greatest minds and the most beautiful minds. The great minds are scientists such as infinity minds solving the most intricate problems of Quantum Physics; and the most beautiful in poetry, art and music  produce the most beautiful  ideas. The first came from Einstein  studied by Count Alfred Korzybski  in Science and Sanity. Robert Oppenheimer at the Princeton University Institute For Advanced Study told Paul Dirac that he was going to place his portrait beside one of Einstein on a wall and they would be the only people on that wall .The second comes from oceanic poetry and Dr Kathleen Raine's Temenos- her worlds of the Imagination. Both use creative infinity mind and not words.  The greatest ideas and poetry come from the super- conscious, which is manifested in the hissing  of the brain, leading to this poetry  being called oceanic: eg that of  Rumi, Kabir, Suhrawardi. In India it is named Kundalini; in the Mediterranean the Mystery Ceremonies  held in ca…

Books of the Week

Innocent (Paperback) by David Baldacci A assassin with a mission. But whose side is he on? Another action-packed thriller from one of the world’s most popular writers. Back in DC after successful missions in Edinburgh and Tangier, assassin Will Robie sees his latest assignment, to eliminate a US government employee, go badly wrong. What had she done, or what did she know? Robie is now a wanted man.
But it seems that he’s not the only one on the run. Young teenager Julie Getty is devastated by the inexplicable murder of her parents in their home. Who wanted them dead, and why, is a mystery. But Julie is smart enough to believe that their killer will come after her. Robie and Julie meet when he saves her from an attempt on her life as they were trying to leave town.
The police investigating the hit start to take an interest in Robie. He’s particularly attracting the interest of Special Agent Nicole Vance, who believes that the two cases are connected. Robie finds himself in a dangerous p…

Brewing Knowledge: Finding yourself

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul (Originally Published as a Cup of Friendship) by Deborah Rodriguez

After hard luck and heartbreak, Sunny finally finds a place to call home—in the middle of an Afghanistan war zone. There, the thirty-eight-year-old serves up her American hospitality to the expats who patronize her coffee shop, including a British journalist, a “danger pay” consultant, and a wealthy and well-connected woman. True to her name, Sunny also bonds with people whose language and landscape are unfamiliar to most Westerners, but whose hearts and souls are very much like our own: the maternal Halajan, who vividly recalls the days before the Taliban and now must hide a modern romance from her ultratraditional son; and Yazmina, a young Afghan villager with a secret that could put everyone’s life in jeopardy. In this gorgeous first novel, New York Times bestselling author Deborah Rodriguez paints a stirring portrait of a faraway place where—even in the fog of political and social conflict—friendship, passion, and hope still exist. 
Originally published as A Cup of Friendship

About …

India: A Sacred Geography by Diana L. Eck

In India: A Sacred Geography, renowned Harvard scholar Diana Eck offers an extraordinary spiritual journey through the pilgrimage places of the world's most religiously vibrant culture and reveals that it is, in fact, through these sacred pilgrimages that India's very sense of nation has emerged. No matter where one goes in India, one will find a landscape in which mountains, rivers, forests, and villages are elaborately linked to the stories of the gods and heroes of Indian culture. Every place in this vast landscape has its story, and conversely, every story of Hindu myth and legend has its place. Likewise, these places are inextricably tied to one another not simply in the past, but in the present through the local, regional, and transregional practices of pilgrimage. India: A Sacred Geography tells the story of the pilgrim…

About EBD, the legacy

EBD (acronym for The English Book Depot®) is a major retail outlet. Our inherent strength in publishing has given us a niche in the distribution and wholesale of books. We are registered importer / exporter with the Government of India. EBD has reprint arrangements with many British / American publishers. Our specialised fields are - Military History, Earth Sciences, Environment and Forestry. The list includes important bestsellers like; Beautiful Garhwal (Ruskin Bond), Matter of Honour (Philip Mason), Victims of Environmental Crises (D.N. Tiwari), Forest Planning Process (C.P.Nautiyal), Campaign in Malaya (Maj. Gen.D.K.Palit).

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Our Current Events help books for competitions and personality development, are the password for success. The EBD Students Reprints, are perfect import substitutes and these important text…