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BOOKS OF THE WEEK - 22nd December 2017

Schools Can Change:
A Step-by-step Change Creation System for Building Innovative Schools and Increasing Student Learning By- Dale W. Lick, Karl H. Clauset, Carlene U. Murphy Corwin, 2013 | Pages - 225 Free online resources with the book. For distribution in India only
EBD India Special Price  Rs. 1995.00 AmazonKindle Edition Rs. 2535.45
AmazonPaperback Rs. 3875.45 Order by email  Call Manish Chhetri on +91 135 2655192  for assistance About the Book Genuine effective school improvement requires leaders and teachers to be part of a broad-based, creative change system that focuses on generating improved teacher practices for enhancing student learning. This guide provides a step-by-step, systemic approach to the change creation process. How can we really create lasting change? By applying the Change Creation system! Learning community pioneers Dale Lick, Karl Clauset, and Carlene Murphy lead teachers, principals, and schools in this dynamic approach to school improvement. With a free, co…

BOOKS OF THE WEEK -16TH December 2017

Warrior of the Fourth Estate  Ramnath Goenka of the Express by -  B.G. Verghese
About the Book Ramnath Goenka, or RNG as he was popularly known, redefined what it meant to be a newspaper baron. A man of many parts-freedom fighter, Gandhian worker, politician, merchant, industrialist-he made it his mission as a publisher to empower the citizen and hold the ruling classes accountable, often at enormous cost to himself. Goenka was a fearless agent for the freedom of the press, and famously waged an epic battle of defiance against the government during the Emergency. B.G. Verghese's biography charts the tumultuous course of Goenka's life, from his modest beginnings to his building of the vast Indian Express empire with its multiple editions. It also paints a compelling portrait of a man who was a bundle of contradictions, who had staunch admirers as well as bitter enemies, a man you could love or hate but never ignore. This book is a roller-coaster ride through the twists and turns o…