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On History, Culture and the Idea of India: Writings by and On Jawaharlal Nehru
By - Purushottam Agrawal 

ISBN : 9789386702845   
Price : Rs. 599.00
About the Book :  An unprecedented and timely collection of writings by and on Jawaharlal Nehru—the man who shaped newly independent India; and the icon whose legacy is the subject of intense and often angry debate today. ‘who is this Bharat Mata, whose victory you wish?’ asked Jawaharlal Nehru leading light of the Indian freedom movement who would become the country first prime ministers a public gathering in 1936. And then he explained: the mountains and rivers, forests and fields were of course dear to everyone, but what counted ultimately were ‘the people of India…spread out all over this vast land. Bharat Mata, mother India, [is] essentially these millions of people and victory to her [is] victory to these people.’ This collection of writings and speeches by and on Nehru shows us the mind—the ideology, born of experience…


Gun Island: A Novel
By - Amitav Ghosh
ISBN : 9780670089161     Price : Rs. 699.00
About the Book :  Bundook. Gun. A common word, but one which turns Deen Datta's world upside down. A dealer of rare books, Deen is used to a quiet life spent indoors, but as his once-solid beliefs begin to shift, he is forced to set out on an extraordinary journey; one that takes him from India to Los Angeles and Venice via a tangled route through the memories and experiences of those he meets along the way. There is Piya, a fellow Bengali-American who sets his journey in motion; Tipu, an entrepreneurial young man who opens Deen's eyes to the realities of growing up in today's world; Rafi, with his desperate attempt to help someone in need; and Cinta, an old friend who provides the missing link in the story they are all a part of. It is a journey which will upend everything he thought he knew about himself, about the Bengali legends of his childhood and about the world around him. Gun Island is a…

Kevin Missal: Narasimha, mythology, fantasy and literary delight!

The Booknerds and the iconic bookshop The English Book Depot collaborated to host bestselling author Kevin Missal for the launch of his latest book Narasimha: The Mahaavatar Trilogy Book 1, an evening brimming with mythology, fantasy and literary delights.

Kevin Missal wrote his first book at the age of 14, and at 22, St. Stephen's College, Delhi graduate is a bestselling author and a full-time writer, with the first two books in his Kalki series being runaway successes. Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu and its sequel Satyayoddha Kalki: Eye of Brahma have sold one lakh copies in under a year. Kevin loves fantasy fiction and has always been a fan of mythology. His books have been featured in publications like The Sunday Guardian, The New Indian Express and Millennium Post.

The moderator for the evening was Himadri, a YouTube and Instagram influencer of repute from Doon Valley.

The discussion was led by Rohan Raj, Co-founder, The Booknerds who grilled Kevin with some candid que…


The Carpet Weaver By - Nemat Sadat 
ISBN : 9780670092048  Price : Rs. 599.00
About the Book :  Afghanistan, 1977. Kanishka Nurzada, the son of a leading carpet seller, falls in love with his friend Maihan, with whom he shares his first kiss at the age of sixteen. Their romance must be kept secret in a nation where the death penalty is meted out to those deemed to be kuni, a derogatory term for gay men. And when war comes to Afghanistan, it brings even greater challenges-and danger-for the two lovers. From the cultural melting pot of Kabul to the horrors of an internment camp in Pakistan, Kanishka's arduous journey finally takes him to the USA in the desperate search for a place to call home-and the fervent hope of reuniting with his beloved Maihan. But destiny seems to have different plans in store for him. Intimate and powerful, The Carpet Weaver is a sweeping tale of a young gay man's struggle to come of age and find love in the face of brutal persecution. About the Author : Nema…


City of Girls 
By - Elizabeth Gilbert 
ISBN : 9781526615237      Price : Rs. 599.00
About the Book   It is the summer of 1940. Nineteen-year-old Vivian Morris arrives in New York with her suitcase and sewing machine, exiled by her despairing parents. Although her quicksilver talents with a needle and commitment to mastering the perfect hair roll have been deemed insufficient for her to pass into her sophomore year of Vassar, she soon finds gainful employment as the self-appointed seamstress at the Lily Playhouse, her unconventional Aunt Peg's charmingly disreputable Manhattan revue theatre. There, Vivian quickly becomes the toast of the showgirls, transforming the trash and tinsel only fit for the cheap seats into creations for goddesses. Exile in New York is no exile at all: here in this strange wartime city of girls, Vivian and her girlfriends mean to drink the heady highball of life itself to the last drop. And when the legendary English actress Edna Watson comes to the Lily to star …


12 Rules for Life:  An Antidote to Chaos
By - Jordan B. Peterson
ISBN : 978-0241351642      Price : Rs.699.00
About the Book :  Jordan Peterson's work as a clinical psychologist has reshaped the modern understanding of personality and now he has become one of the world's most popular public thinkers, with his lectures on topics ranging from the bible to romantic relationships drawing tens of millions of viewers. In an era of polarizing politics, echo chambers and trigger warnings, his startling message about the value of personal responsibility and the dangers of ideology has resonated around the world. In this book, he combines ancient wisdom with decades of experience to provide twelve profound and challenging principles for how to live a meaningful life, from setting your house in order before criticising others to comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, not someone else today. Gripping, thought-provoking and deeply rewarding, 12 rules for life offers an antidote to the ch…