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The English Book Depot (EBD) was established in 1923, and is India's premier book retailer, with a maiden bookstore at Dehradun. Our inherent strength in publishing has given us a niche in the distribution and wholesale of books. We are registered importer / exporter with the Government of India. In 2010, EBD acquired the brand BookCafe.

EBD has reprint arrangements with many British / American publishers. Our specialised fields are - Military History, Earth Sciences, Environment and Forestry. The list includes important bestsellers like; Beautiful Garhwal (Ruskin Bond), Matter of Honour (Philip Mason), Victims of Environmental Crises (D.N. Tiwari), Forest Planning Process (C.P.Nautiyal), Campaign in Malaya (Maj. Gen.D.K.Palit). Current Events guides for competitions and personality development, published by EBD, have sold over Three million copies !

Our Current Events help books for competitions and personality development, are the password for success. The EBD Students Reprints, are perfect import substitutes and these important texts are prescribed in many Universities. The list also includes bestsellers: Jungle Warfare (J.P.Cross), Principles of Silviculture (Smith), Pakistan: Dimensions of Insecurity (Mahnaz Ispahani), Military Leadership (Taylor & Rosenbach), Oil Well Drilling Technology (McRay & Cole), SSB Interviews Guide, Guide to Public School Admission Tests and as many as 150 other titles.

The English Book Depot® specialises  in  the fields of Military History & Warfare, Geology & Petroleum and Forestry & Environment. We are contributing our might in feeding the Indian student community and academic institutions with economy reprints of all publications important to them. It helps the student to own them as it also serves the purpose of the authors in disseminating their thoughts to a wider circle. Most of the books of foreign publishers cost more than an average Indian's pocket permits and hence the need for low cost reprints for the Indian sub-continent makes good business sense.

The English Book Depot®
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